Palaeolithic Teaching Resources

Free Online Publications

Lost Landscapes of Palaeolithic Britain. 2016.

The Ebbsfleet Elephant Excavations. 2013. 

Neanderthals Among Mammoths: Excavations at Lynford Quarry, Norfolk. 2012.

Boxgrove: A Middle Pleistocene Hominid Site at Eartham Quarry. 1999.

The Archaeology of Europe’s Drowned Landscapes

The Earliest Europeans – A Year in the Life: Seasonal survival strategies in the Lower Palaeolithic

Lithics: Journal of the Lithic Studies Society (back catalogue)

Palaeolithic Sites, Databases and Gazetteers

The MIS Stage 3 Project Database (Univ. Cambridge)

Europe Radiocarbon Dating Database (Univ. Leuven)

The Bifaces Database (Marshall et al 2002, ADS)

The English Rivers Palaeolithic Survey – TERPS

The John Wymer Archive – Wymer archive-ADS

AHOB Database of Early European Sites

Gazeteer of Upper Palaeolithic sites (Wymer & Bonsall 1977, ADS)

Gazeteer of Mesolithic sites (Wymer & Bonsall 1977, ADS)

Palaeolithic & Mesolithic Lithic Artefact database (Roger Jacobi Archive) – PaMELA- ADS

Happisburgh Resources

Guide to Kariandusi (F.K.Manthi, J. Kibii, E.Ndiema, C.Ogola, S.Rucina & J.A.J. Gowlett)

3D Models

Smithsonian 3D fossils

Lake Turkana Models and Resources

Grotte De Chauvet Virtual Tour

Lascaux Virtual Tour

Dr Paula Garcia Medrano European LCT Sketchfab Archive.

Dr Joseba Rios Lower & Middle Palaeolithic Artefact Sketchfab Archive

Hominin Fossil Record: A Digital Resource for Research and Education

Early Modern Humans in Europe Project: Kostenki Artefact Models

University of New England Archaeology

D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum 3D

3D scan of the Willendorf Venus

Models of La Cotte, Les Varines, the Happisburgh footprints, and much else (by Sarah Duffy)

Ice Age Art Sketchfab archive by State Office for Monumental Preservation at Stuttgart Regional Council

Virtual Museums

Natural History Museum: you can navigate to the Human Origins Gallery from the Main Hall 

Video Resources

James Dilley’s Ancient Craft Channel

Svante Pääbo TED talks on Neanderthal DNA

BBC Ice Age Giants 

Chimpanzee, A. afarensis & H. sapiens walking

A. sediba walking

Ice Age Art – a Culture Show Special

L’homme de Neandertal

Podcasts & Blogs

The Arch and Anth Podcast

You’re Dead to Me: Neanderthals with Dr Becky Wragg-Sykes

John Hawks Weblog

Nutcracker Man


Palaeolithic (mostly!)-themed pieces from The Conversation

The Archaeology Show, on the Boxgrove Horse Butchery site with Matt Pope

Becky Wragg Sykes on Neanderthals and her new book Kindred

Project Web-Sites

Ice Age Journeys



Thanks to all who’ve shared and suggested resources, including Claire Harris and Matt Skinner.